Want OA cure smarts, but don’t have a PhD? Did clinicaltrials.gov give you vertigo?

Get the skinny on what’s out there – and click through to sign up for clinical trials. Emerging OA cures, joints they fix, how — injection or surgery – when (clinical trial phase}, and where (U.S. or overseas).

Audio 411 on OA Fix:

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You want more? This second chart shows OA treatments that either failed clinical trials or are not currently in development. Here’s the rub – there’s speculation that some of the drugs that failed clinical trials may actually work, but that the clinical trials got screwed up (perhaps we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater?).

Developed by Angry@Arthritis, these charts are the product of 18 months of due diligence, including extensive research and face-to-face meetings with global research and clinical OA experts.